Tips to Creating A Paperless Office

Tips to Creating A Paperless Office

Going paperless clear clutter from your office environment and at the same time decrease environmental footprint. Current technology provides a host of smart tools to help your office reduce paper waste. Every step towards a paperless environment will save you time, money, storage space and clutter.

1. Sharing Online
With the present technology, we can share files without that trip to the printer. With free services such as Google Docs, you can work with colleagues on a document or spreadsheet at the same time. The system even lets you ‘chat’ with others viewing the document. The best part of this is you will never lose your work as it continuously saves. You can download the files you create at any time if you need to email.

1. Meetings
There is no need to print handouts when having a meeting or when making a pitch. One common reason that workers print documents is the need to cross-reference them with another document. TeamViewer allows access to computers through other computer or mobile phones. Some features that assist during meetings are the screen sharing, transmitting videos, sharing files, teleconferencing and accessing whiteboards.

1. Payroll
Payroll processes can be done online. With latest Human Resources Management systems, payslip creation can be done straightaway with compilation and deductions of salary electronically calculated. As technology advances, we can easily cut down human error by making use of smart technology. This reduces not just the usage of paper checks and envelopes needed to post them but also paychecks will always be on time. Digital documents can be stored, retrieved, and searched much quicker than paper ones.

People have been talking about the paperless office for years. With new technology, especially easy-to-use cloud-based applications, we are closer to reaching this goal.
Going paperless can have many advantages. Aside from the cost savings, it gives more flexibility to run business from anywhere, and get what you need whenever you need it.

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