Rules for Paying Employees on Chinese New Year (Or Other Public Holidays)

Rules for Paying Employees on Chinese New Year (Or Other Public Holidays)

With researches proving that happier employees lead to better productivity at work, companies would want to ensure that employees are paid well and correctly when they work on Public Holidays – such as the upcoming Chinese New Year that falls on the 16th and 17th of January 2018!

Quoting information from Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower website, these are the employment practices in Singapore for paying Employees on Public Holidays.


Quoted from MOM’s website, if employees work on a public holiday that falls on:

A Working Day

  • An extra day’s salary at the basic rate of pay.
  • The gross rate of pay for that holiday.
  • Overtime pay if you work beyond your normal hours of work.

A Non-working Day
(i.e. Saturday for employees on a 5-day work week)

  • Overtime pay for extra hours worked on a Saturday.
  • One extra day’s salary at the gross rate of pay or another day off for the public holiday.

A Rest Day

The next working day will be a paid holiday instead.


However, upon mutual agreement, an arrangement for a public holiday/time off in lieu is allowed. For further details information regarding entitlement and pay of employees for public holidays, do visit the Ministry of Manpower website.


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