3 Changes You Need to Know About Our Interface Upgrade!

3 Changes You Need to Know About Our Interface Upgrade!


Disclaimer: Images extracted are from a demo account and does not belong to any of our clients

After a series of experimentation & development from our R&D team, we are proud to introduce to your our latest employees’ user interface! All existing customers has been automatically upgraded to our new interface as of 18/04/2018 (GMT+8) 18:00H . Our new interface is targeted and designed to bring better convenience and enhance our clients’ & their employees’ user experience with i2Payslip.

Here are 3 main changes to our interface :

1. New Login Form Outlook

Did you spot the difference?

We have added in quick links to the related government sectors like MOM; CPF; IRAS; and WDA at the bottom of our login form for your easier access. 

We have also included our social media platforms: Linkedin & Facebook – where you can follow us on to get the latest updates & news from us! You can also contact us via. Facebook messenger should you require any assistance!

2. Sticky Shortcuts

To allow easier & quicker usage, we have installed a sticky shortcuts tab above where you can gain access to the most commonly used features in i2Payslip.

This feature is similar to our previous interface (shown above) where we had sticky icons shown above the dashboard. However, we have decided to keep it on hover to allow a wider and clearer view of the dashboard overview. 

The Sticky Shortcuts are now available upon hover over “Shortcuts” located at the top panel of i2Payslip.

3. Minimizable Tabs

To enhance your user experience with i2Payslip features, we have improved and allowed minimizable tabs! To minimize the menu on the left, simply click on the arrow “←” located at the top panel of i2Payslip for the menu to be minimized and shown as icons only instead (as shown in the image below).

The minimized menu will show the various features upon hover as shown in the image below. Click on the category on the extended left menu to expand the various features as shown in the photo above. 

Click HERE to login and experience the all-new i2Payslip interface today!

Do also let us know what you think about our latest interface by completing a short survey in the link below: 

For New Users :

Do sign up for a 30-days Trial to experience our latest user interface for FREE today!

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