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Instant payslip creation, computation, additions and deductions of salary components. With the latest technology integrated into our software, iPay has simplified the traditional ways of doing payroll processing.

View Your Payslip on the go!

Quick and easy salary computation

  • Automated Payroll Calculations
  • Salary Information
  • Basic pay, Pay frequency

Latest technology weaved into the software

  • Auto computation of CPF rates
  • Auto computation of Funds Contribution
  • Auto computation of SDL Amount


Detailed bio-data of employee information related to staff hiring, retention, career planning and management. Including personal particulars, emergency contact details, foreign addresses, bank account details and training records.

The integrated managing system reduces any chances of error in employee details.

Staff Management

  • Employee Personal Particulars
  • Number of work days, CPF type, contact number, department, basic salary, start and end dates of employment, and title.

Our SSL encrypted connection and SQL services will ensure that your personal information is secure

Employee Contact Information

  • Mobile number and email address
  • Employee Company Information
  • Number of work days, CPF type, contact number, department, basic salary, start and end dates of employment, and title.

Record of types of Training attended

  • Course date, Institution, Achievement


Complete ease in submission for Online services for CPF online submission , IRAS Income tax online submission (Auto Inclusion Scheme), Bank Giro iBanking submission

  • Simple generation of CPF efile format for instant upload and submission to CPF Board
  • Auto calculation of employees and employers’ CPF contribution, skill development Levy. Taking into account a Permanent Resident’s first, second and third year of obtaining permanent residency.
  • Summary of CPF contribution accounted for month and Year to date
  • Generate detailed Information of individual employee CPF into XML File for auto inclusion
  • Detailed information of Director fees, bonuses, transport allowances and funds for all employees.
  • Any number of company accounts and Banks can be created
  • Generate Bank Giro File for any specific past Month


Simplified standard HR reports, data analytics over time, costs and historical reports of payroll process.

Self Report Generation of Salary, CPF, Leave, Claims, Advancement and BioData

  • By Department
  • By Month/Year
  • By Employee name
  • By Employee code
  • By NRIC


The iLeave module will enable leave application to be processed anywhere, anytime.

Leave management has never been this easy and automated before.

Employees can now submit leave application directly via our portal.

  • Self-leave application
  • Approving Managers and HR are automatically alerted of leave applications via email

Our Leave portal will allow every employee to check the details of their leaves.

  • Employees are able to view categorized leaves; Last year leave carried forward, Current year leave earned, Paid leave, Unpaid leave, Pending leave, Leave taken, and Leave balance


Infographical representative of meaningful HR data for decision making and management reviews.

  • Real-time charts and reports to be presented for HRM analysis
  • Resource performance review
  • Payroll group and details
  • Claims approved and paid , deductions group and details
  • Leave applied and rejected ,group and details
  • Time sheet group and details


Claims application and processing made easier with our integrated software

  • Self application for claims
  • Approving Managers are automatically alerted of claims applications via email
  • Option to configure email send to HR for approval
  • Approving managers can approve or reject claims
  • Employees are able to view Approval/ Rejection of claims
  • Ability to define workflow for claim approval process


Tracking and calculation of advance payment

Self application of advancement by staff

  • Calculation of monthly repayments and amounts spread
  • Automatic deduction of approved amounts from monthly salaries
  • Approving Managers and HR are automatically alerted of applications via email.


Attendance employees’ start and end time of work/project (on Laptop or android devices) Compare actual hours worked and overtime hours.  Populate the timesheet based on hours worked
  • Logging of Employees’ Attendance
  • Track start & end time of employee work hours
  • Description of work assigned and details recorded
  • Location based reporting
  • Supported on Microsoft or Android mobile devices
  • Integrated to i2Payslip HRMS


Employees will be able to define set number of work hours in a particular defined time span. Integrated self-clock in and out using pin/card over hardware and cloud services

  • Reporting of tasks completed to work schedules creation of tasks for jobs scheduled by company
  • Tracking of job cost and man-hour spent
  • Labor costs distribution onto projects
  • Track the cost of a particular job per month, quarter, or year-to-date filtering period of time requested.
  • Employees reports time spent particular job task for managers reviews and approvals
  • Company can track project work and task completion from employee reports and managers approvals
  • Integrated to i2Payslip HRMS, HR-eScheduling and iTimeclock modules


Creation of appraisal template of employees to be evaluated by respective managers. Based on recommendation, the HR manager can take further action like promotion, increment, bonus, etc.

IAppraisal helps you manage every aspect of the process delivering clarity, consistency.

  • Appraisal content like heading, details & marks can be customized
  • First & Second Level rate can evaluate their staff’s appraisal forms
  • Appraisal can input marks for each performance category
  • 5 levels of authorization for approval
  • Suitable for 360 appraisal and analysis


Facial Biometric System

Enchanced Safety

  • Verify clock-in and out with the use of Facial Recognition
  • Double authentication mode enhances security and prevents false identity
  • Passwords are available for the master key for overall management
  • Accommodates any business’ lifestyle with a wide variety of accessible methods – Card; Fingerprint; Facial Recognition; Pin-Code

Ability to Integrate

  • Automated overtime calculation
  • Daily wage calculation
  • E-attendance tracking
  • Access multiple biometrics under one platform

* Contact us to find out more about our biometric specificiations

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