iBiodata Module

Features of i2payslip

Detailed bio-data of employee information related to staff hiring, retention, career planning and staff management. Personal particulars, emergency contact details, foreign address, Bank account details & training records

To reduce any chances of error in employee details, our integrated system will allow employees to double check and confirm their personal details in case of HR personnel error.

staff management

  • Employee Personal Particulars
    • Name, NRIC, FIN no, address, race, religion, next of kin information, DOB, gender, nationality, marital status, fund contribution
  • Employee Photo
  • Upload and Storage of employee’s certificates uploading, NRIC, Passports and details.
Features of i2payslip
Features of i2payslip

Our SSL encrypted connection and SQL services will ensure that your personal information is secure

  • Employee Contact Information
    • Mobile number and email address
  • Employee Company Information
    • no of work days, CFP type, WP no, Dept, Basic salary, Start & end date of employment, title
  • Record of types of Training attended
    • Course date, Institution, Achievement
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